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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chanel will soon be releasing a new line 'Coco Cocoon' targeting the youthful & all Chanel-ites in the making...
And... OMG!! Lucky Alix and Betty are the web ambassadors for this line.

This bag is somewhere up there on my wishlist! I do wonder what the price would be? Could it possibly be cheaper... in toe with the younger (poorer???) target market?

You gotta watch this clip. it says it all. Daul is great in this- in true street style fashion- so carefree and lighthearted. I almost forgot she was a model.

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Anika said...

Ooooh read about this on Betty's blog. Lucky girls indeed. Love that bloggers are taking the world by storm.

Not sure about the bag, will have to give it another look. And hopefully it will be budget friendly, right ;)

p.s. Sobbing quietly at the mesh disasters from Kane. Do you reckon the leather grometty ones (in the same shape) would be any better?

janet said...

please check out the music video showcasing the s/s 2010 collection for my line graey:

Summer said...

Oh, she doesn't look like a model here. It is so realistic. =D

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Becca Jane said...

here's hoping that they are slightly more within reach of the student budget!