speed it up mr. postman

Sunday, August 30, 2009


As the people of Topshop dispatch those Ashish wedges, thousands of little girls (and some boys, maybe) the world over, waits and hopes.

Hopes for some Leopard lovin'. Here's another dose as we patiently await their arrival.

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Anika said...

Ooh yeah, really like the Ashish for Topshop wedges. But I indulged and went the Camilla & Marc leopard print bootie route....cannot wait....mmmm :)

have a great week folks!

Damsels said...

patiently indeed. cant wait tosee them here

roxybina said...

love that sweater!

Solo said...

That sweater is awesome!

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Damsels said...

hey there .
be sure to stop at top shop of course and uniqlo since they have stores only in NYC if im not mistaken.
tryout weekends in williamsburg alot of locals put out stuff like yard sales and theres really interersting jewelry on the streets justwalk around and have gun .. be sure to stop by beacons closet. as well . in wiliiamsburg

eat at mamouns in stmarks .
at spitzers.

if you need details feel free to email me at

Pearl Westwood said...

gorgeous look!