Fabri-holic II

Tuesday, August 11, 2009



I spent one day's lunch money on clothes but I spent the week's grocery money on fabrics. Oh deary me!
Tis fabric sale season - 30% off, 50% off!! what's one to do but stock it up, stock it up. who cares that the fabric box is overfilled and spilling out like a beer gut.
Belgium white linen with metal! no idea how that works but sounds good to me.
Gauze in nude.
Matte black polyester - crinkle free, fresh out of the wash and ready-to-go. This one is not going into the fabric box. I have very specific plans for this one. Check back in 2 months to see!


Solo said...

Love those fabrics. but you really spent lot of money on fabrics? ;d

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Anika said...

Shame it takes so long to make things...I'm impatient...have different fabrics just sitting there, waiting for me to get a move on.
Excited to see what you create, nonetheless.
Hope you're having a great one.

p.s. have you heard of maxshop.com.au? (thought I'd share as you did with estile)....they currently have a floor length Kirrily Johnston cardi for $Aud 49....nuts!!!)
Check it out