puritan, you

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I affirm my stance. Today, i have still decided - i will not deconstruct the fine knitting that has been done by the skilled hands of previous generations.



Knit : Vintage
Skirt : Thrift
Boots : COS
Lace leggings : self-made


Damsels said...

youre speaking of your sweater right?
i think it looks so comfy you shouldnt deconstruct.
i love your tights
the first and last pictured are so pretty . i love your poses

Solo said...

Aw, your leggings. So hot! ;D

Anika said...

love the leggings you made. And this outfit. Killer!

p.s. did you end up purchasing the bags? I was ready to click click click until I realised how small they were! Couldn't even comment at work to warn ya.

Still, so pretttty :)

C said...

i really like this look.

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