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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Swedish style never fails - i religiously check out Stockholm StreetStyle. From the moment i saw these images and the imprint of Chloe Sevigny in her 'Birken-socks' i have been like a zombie, completely brainwashed going 'Must Get-Must Get'.

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It seems these pics i'm collecting are trying to say something to me. I should have known that i would be sock + sandal inclined . I tell you, this is the new 'big thing' - well, at least in my world.

So i took the plunge and swiped the plastic on these 'neo-clogs'. One step closer to sock-sandal heaven. But Birkenstock, you just wait, you birkies. I'll get ya, you'll be mine!

Okay, i didn't just swipe once this weekend. There was another instance. Here's the story.

Well, you see, in the realm of the www, there are many temptations and it just so happens that i have stumbled across this great site which stocks Australian labels that we all love,- and just to top it off, they have the tendency to have these wicked sales all the time. Last week, it was domeniki. And i scored this bag for AUD69.95. All leather - can't wait to receive it.


You see, how they work is just like the gilt group or the hautelook. They pick a designer a couple of days and run sales slashing the prices off the designer's pieces. Good luck fighting this temptation, i think i fail terribly - so bad for the bank account right now.
The site: Estile
...and this week's special: Life with Bird.
Would you like fries with that?


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Damsels said...

it might be .. iahve played with the idea of it in my head .. eventually i willget it just right

cant wait to see your way of wearing them
We Were Damsels

Anika said...

Hmmm, not sure about the whole socks and birkenstock looks but if anyone can pull it off, its you.

Thanks for the tip about the site though...I'm on the waiting list to join :)

hope you're having a great week


lovely blog!
agree about chloe and the socks
she looks fab! x

cocorosa said...

love the birken socks, its hard to pull of but I like the whole look a lot :)

TrendLover said...

Hi...I think your blog is fun and cool :)

Zaira MarĂ­a said...

lovely blog!! i link you in my blog!!

Anika said...

Thank you muchly...they did get back to me asap though so I'm on the mailing list and salivating over all the pretty things...have to keep reminding myself that just because its 80% off, doesn't mean I need it ;)

Thanks for sharing :)

Solo said...

Look at those leggings. Hope to see more from you. Have a great day.=D

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