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Monday, June 1, 2009

Ahhh....I feel like I am still in bed - with this big cozy wrap.To be told truth, it is a blanket that we got from the home furnishing department of The Warehouse - which is equivalent to the State's Walmart?. Their slogan is "..where everyone gets a bargain". O yea, that's right, it was a bargain for $20 (NZD) which is what... about $10 USD?

And here's a little funny story that took place in an upscale high street boutique.

dude sales assitant = d.s.a

//d.s.a (curious look) : hi just wondering where did you get your wrap/scarf thing?

//me (embarassingly) : you don't wanna know.

//d.s.a (bummed out) : is it from overseas?

//me : nope. okay, it's from The Warehouse.

//d.s.a (eyes widened and took a step back) : o really? no way!

//me : its in the home furnishings department

//d.s.a : right i'm gonna go get myself some. (rants on about mixing it up = A Wang + The Warehouse) thanks for telling me.


Shirt : Gap
Top : T by A Wang
Skirt : Thrift
Shawl : The Warehouse

Heels : Givenchy


Solo said...

The shawl and the heels are just perfect..=)

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LACY said...

i luv the shawl and that little convo between you and the d.s.a is pretty funny :)

bisou-joue said...

you've got such a great style ! i love your outfit !

Damsels said...

i love this look you really pulled it off .

the socks look so good they look so ridiculous on me
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Anonymous said...

your shoes

i'm so happy i just found your blog, great post

Anika said...

haha, I loves it. If you can work it that nicely, you deserve DSA's approval ;)

And you were generous too and shared the blanket source love. Lol...

p.s. I actually do love this outfit. Nice work, blanket love!

Summer said...

The socks work..=) Look good on you.Thanks for sharing.Have a nice day.=)

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She's Dressing Up said...

The best gems are always found at the most random places!!