dust to dust

Friday, May 15, 2009



Jacket : Vintage
Vest : Vintage
Top : AA dress
Skirt : a.n.e (self-made)
Creepers : Demonia

You can tell, its getting pretty cold down here. Three weeks into my flu-like symptoms and still counting....dun worry it ain't swine.


Summer said...

Oh love the coat,so cool.Hope to see more from you.;D

A Writer's Den

Solo said...

Oh! Your coat,i love it.;D Looking forward on your next post.;D

Travel and Living

Anika said...

Gorgeous coat...and those creepers...still not decided!

Anonymous said...

stunning coat!


ryder said...

with other shoes is perfect

A.n.E said...

ryder: yea i reckon it would have worked better with other shoes - just one of those days that i don't have the mental capability to balance on heels ^^