Monday, April 6, 2009

The highlight of this weekend is splurging at a local haberdasher. Ok. im cheap. This is not really call splurge.
I gotta a confession :
i am a fabri-holic.
I say YES to all of the statements below.

__ You buy fabric "just because it feels good".

__ You like to "pet" your fabric.

__ You buy fabric without having any idea what it might be used for.
__ You buy fabric without caring what it might be used for.
__ You buy fabric and hope that you never find a use for it.




Fashionology said...

Great fabrics! <3

Anonymous said...

I feel so much better! I thought I was alone! Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes to the questions. My daughter even walks behind me and touches, "pets" all the fabrics now! She is soon to be a fabri-holic too! Want to start a support group?