Barcelona - a study on texture and colour

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4 months on, and still on a travel hang-over.

Yes, i shall introduce to you one of our loves. Yes.Barcelona. Aren't the textures of Barcelona so enchanting? That beautiful Barcelona sun - kinda glaring yet mysterious - you could tell by the lighting in any photo. Yet, the rain sure is charming too.








Blood Roses said...

Ahhhh now I really really want to go there! Stunning pics :)

Anika said...

These shots are just brilliant and the perfect preview to my Europe trip planned for next year.

What beauty.

Barcelona (and Spain) is beautiful, as is Prague. So much rich history and culture!

Have a fab weekend girls :)

Summer said...

Wow! What a lovely place..I need to go there..;D Thanks for sharing those gorgeous pics to us..;D

Solo said...

eeee...I love this place..;D
Thanks for sharing it's lovely pics..;D Maegan said...

omg yes ...enchanting. that is the perfect word. ...i mean WOW.

MANFOX said...

so MIND-BLOWINGLY beautiful woowwwww... who took these pics?

A.n.E said...

i wish i lived in the same continent as that! and not this lil' island down under.
MANFOX: we took these in Jan of this year - those were the days.

Anika: LUCKY!! def to visit Barcelona and Prague. we'll post up some Prague pics later on... a sneak peek for ya ^^

phamzy said...

thanks for sharing the photos! absolutely a great place to see!

Kaela said...

wow - beautiful

..i'm so jealous!

xo k