pamplemousse sorbet

Friday, March 27, 2009



Lighting flash/// In shades of Marshmallow : Mango : Pamplemousse. Boy, has Leemans en Wicker been playing them off each other like a champ - sorbet top and bottom and no one has ever look so good in something that closely resembles my pajamas.

Source : Leemans en Wicker S/S 09


Anika said...

Yum! I'm carving sorbet now. At the same time, I want those shoes...and feel guilty about it. They are creepy/freaky good :)

Vintage Tea said...

I looove these shots. The colours are wonderful

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Blood Roses said...

I am not ususually a fan o' pastel but this I LOVE

Dream Sequins said...

Beautiful. Soft, vintage style pastels. Makes me want to re-do my whole wardrobe! Cheers.

ray said...


i was in love with these the second i saw them

have not really seen anyone show love either - thanks!