Dry your eyes St. Auguste, we beg of you.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Excuse our twisted sense of beauty. Don't get us started on the ethics of this.

Source : flikr, auguste at jil sander (fashionologie)


Anika said...

Ahh, but one makes the assumption of its basis (notwithstanding that it is a given). Regardless, there is a fragile, sorrowful beauty inherent...

FOXYMAN said...

this is going to sound sooooo dumb... but are they fake tears on that model? or was she actually crying while doing the runway?? ha! sorry!

CKUF said...

tears from beautfiful eyes! lol


A.n.E said...

Foxyman: Are they real tears? that was totally our reaction when we first saw this!

Pierre Rougier, Jil Sander’s U.S. publicist, said in an email that he wasn’t aware of the model’s tears.(according to the wall st journal)

They're real 100% un-orchestrated tears from heaven. The Cause: A mystery

Denise said...

the first pics of our summer getaway is ON. hihi. hope you visit it.

i love this post.

my blogging will resume i don't know when. hihi. still on the road right now.

have a great day!

Leigh said...

Beautiful !! :)