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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Okay every fashion blogger would have known about the diffusion line T by Alexander Wang since last fall.
My first thought was : nice but will be damn pricey. ( i'm not one to pay lotsa money for basics) Ever since then, i paid not much attention to any updates on this collection.


Few nights ago, out of boredom and desire to flex my Mastercard muscles, i had a browse through Alexander wang - scroll scroll scroll - hang on a sec ---- go back....
mmm this is it. not just a basic tee : i like.


so the search begins:

revolveclothing.com , tobi.com, shopbop.com, lagarconne.com, saks.com, ebay.com and a lot of google-ing. keywords used: T by alexander wang, A Wang T, Alexander Wang dress, Alexander Wang shop, Wang boatneck tee, Alexander Wang cotton, diffusion line A lwxander Wang, baggy Wang dress, and various other combinations, i had no idea how i even came up with.

after two days, it all came back with either stores that stock pretty much the whole diffusion line- which is great and all- but just not this very tank. either that or it was sold out; pre-order for March or no international shipping.

so what's one to do but think - o well i'll give it a few months when the hype has died down. I started thinking, who are these swiftcats that are buying my tshirt?


guesses anyone? above, looking great and gloating in that coveted piece is none other than Caroline from Mode.feber. Seeing her in it just made me burn for it even more. but at this point, i was gonna have to ebay it daily.

after about one day of ebay-ing it, and not even trying to find the tank through any other links, i came across an article from nymag with stockists of his line. went through it. and gotcha.


( i think it was the last one as the status soon turned out of stock after i swiped it)

so we await the arrival.

Sources : nymag, elle, mode.feber, tobi, saks, the selby, A Wang


Anika said...

Ooooh, pretty, pretty...can't wait to see it on you!

Have a great one :)

...love Maegan said...

you found it!! somehow, it will make it even more awesome.


Love the alexander wang t-shirts!!

Dee said...

Yay! Congratulations and great detective work.

Anonymous said...

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