blood sweat + tears

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Anja Rubik. yes. I had recurring images of her in similar combo from Spring 09's shows. backstage and on the catwalk for Alexander Wang. Of course it's not half as grungy as hers but i'm working on the sweat part.

Ok rite. finally. a pic of the
cuff that i mentioned a few weeks ago.





Anika said...

I adore those cuffs, will have to read back to see where you managed to score them. And the denim waistcoat/jacket is the perfect finishing touch to the outfit :)

rackkandruin said...

that anja wang outfit is definitely one of my favorites. i really like your variation! sweet cuffs too!

FOXYMAN said...

thanks darling xxx loving your blog and that silver stud cuff is UN FUCKING REAL!!! are the pants, and vest and bag... etc

Blood Roses said...

you have the wang look spot on, i love that denim vest