It's all in on the (H)'ead

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Speaking for ourselves ...
we have had an exponentially growing infatuation with huge hair, throwing all that junk from the trunk onto your head. Yes, images of huge texture, intricate, 'effortless' plaits and embedded objects from the kitchen sink, a 'Neverending Story IV' of folding and drapery of the hair just repeatedly strike cords of excitement (sadly we have always been thoroughly misguided in the art of such hair drapery...we blame it on having not long enough hair.. and some of us hurry to chop the lot off)

Wreaths and Milkmaid Braids, but with much grace, folk sweetness and of course....
a tablespoonful of festive cheer.
L:Polina Kouklina Vogue Russia January 2007 MagFan(TFS)
R:Snejana Onopka Harper's January 2006 linka_lebedeva(LJ)

Love it... just love the quirks of 'fro hair!....
possibility of finding pencils and all sorts in that volume.... score!
Ali Michael Vogue Italia March 2008 linka_lebedeva(LJ)

Genius and so sustainable...'Hairhat' by Nagi Noda.

Limi Feu's headphones....perfection for us useless ones.....
Dazed Digital

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5 comments: Maegan said...

oh these are dreamy! I have now seen those animal hair hats twice today and am IN LOVE WITH THEM.

stacy said...

I love the hairhats


those hair hats are sheer fantasy! how amazing are they?!!! love love love your blog.
muah x

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Anonymous said...

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