the halo of grim.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008




This is one of our many simultaneous projects at the moment. While juggling research for our trip and various other commitments. its been schizophrenia for us, really.

Well, this is not something we came up with in the little brains of ours but o' hail to Cherry Blossom Girl and her inspiring imagery.

Right, there was no such thing as 'black paper flowers' in our one and only stop-shop for such things, Spotlight. so we quickly befriended the black spray paint. i just have no idea what people do for funerals they really befriend that spray can too???? and won't fresh black flowers die?


Alix said...

your crown is great !

Anonymous said...

that crown is so beautiful!


Elyzabeth said...

ahhh this crown !!!!!!!