¿es primavera?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A little behind in posting - these were from a week ago. Contradictorily, it has been like winter ever since - chilly, windy & rain. I am currently obsessed with shredding my oversized tee. i find it freakishly therapeutic and addictive! anyone else?? I think the shredded tee and studs on things - i mean anything - everything!! is on the top of everyone's mind.

too much to do in so little time! along with that, i gotta crack in and do proper work in sorting out accomdations for our dec/jan trip. i need a 30 hr day!



Jacket : Vintage
Dress : Thrift
Bag : Chanel
Boots : Miss Sixty


V said...

yeah the shredding is highly addictive, I've actually almost finished mine, just waiting for some warmer weather to debut it!

lovely boots btw :-)

A.n.E said...

a nz-er! yes we are in need of proper spring!

Krystal said...

LOOOVE this look.