trash resuscitation.

Friday, September 19, 2008

just found one of the classiest transformations any keyboard could ever hope for...... i think this would even be recommended to pimp up a "mac".
Well, lets say we all have an old 'crummy almost-vintage keyboard' lying around the home?


we could either make like the 'young adolescent boy' in us + a good dash of 'fine arts student' and trash it to pieces and explore photographically the process - then post, of course, on (as done by various)

or be inventive, well not so much inventive since the idea's already out there, but ...pimped up keyboard!!


STEAMPUNK, the sickest inventors i have discovered yet.
what they do is.......


mmm, i just love the ingenuity and classiness of this babies... brass...texture - though it probably would be better with fine velvet, man!

Source : steampunk, flikr, treehugger

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