the weapon of atomic destruction

Friday, July 18, 2008

So here goes, as promised.

We have finally got our hands on this exquisite piece of mastery. The Louis Vuitton Motard in the 2007 Collection as seen on Geraldine Saglio. The bag is as juicy as it looks in the photo - thanks to the lambskin. Its not everyday that I get to hold such crafted designer pieces. I'm in awe of the engineering in the gold hardwares (or what we would call 'bling'). So finely fabricated and bearing an industrial weight. Just hotness.

Above all..its subtlety is scoring such high points with us!

Oh no. We would not deprive you of it. I'm pretty sure this bag will be making frequent appearances.



Anonymous said...

i love the gold buckle on the purse its adorable

A.n.E said...

i know i know! gotta give it a polish from time to time..ha ha finger smudges