ticking time bomb.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

forgive me.i should have known better.
i went on a splurge in the weekend - bought a necessity(sure thing)! it was somewhere in my extensive WANT list which rarely materialises. on a off-chance they have this item from two seasons ago and it is the last and only one left in this part of the world. my-not-so-rational self took out my plastic and swiped for it - pinch nudge pinch - this is for real. i will receive it in three weeks.

here's a little hint and the inspiration - the lovely Geraldine Saglio from Vogue Paris


Source : tfs


Paris Tarts said...

Was it a purse? :) I'm curious!!


A & E said...

i cant say!!!im dying to receive it too!!!! you've got to wait in suspense with me.