prepping it

Sunday, June 8, 2008




Shirt : Ralph Lauren
Skirt : Vintage
Belt : Thrift
Bag : Thrift
Heels : Theory

i live in tees and shirts are not really my style as i find them not all that comfortable . tis winter sale in this part of the world and RL has a pretty impressive one....

i thought this shirt could be fun - thinking i might be able to pull it off in a bigger size as a dress (but it didn't look right). tried a couple of sizes down and i was hooked. the royal plaid mixed with the slouchy sleeves and the girly bow is just the right cocktail.

i got a couple of stares but what the heck. this is too much fun.


ray said...

i love everything about your outfit!v cool xx

Paris Tarts said...

I have the same plaid shirt. I love the belt, clutch, skirt, and the shoes. Where did you go in this lovely outfit!?!


A & E said...

O really!thats cool..Its one of my favs rite now. Went out to town - walk-about and lunch. Might be a bit much for a "lazy" sunday.=P