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Tuesday, June 3, 2008




Coat : Seduce
Cardigan : Nom D
Dress : DIY
Singlet : Thermal
Shorts : Thrift (homme jeans )
Boots : Vintage
Bag : Zara

the knitted coat was not warm so i had to wear another layer under it..picked the most basic black cardie. and magic! i think it gives it an edge...or is it just weird?

as expected, the cut-offs were inspired by Alexander Wang. it just doesnt' look the same....hmph..hint hint obvious reason im no Erin Wasson =P
the cut is more baggy then slouchy. its hard no impossible to tell from the pics. no worries. these have grown on me and im sure ill be putting them to good use adding some dirt and sweat to them.

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Paris Tarts said...

The sweater is lovely!! Why I guess I'm a huge fan of your blog now :)